Beginning of Tedious Flights

So Hello Friendfolk,

So I’m here sitting in Chicago. After leaving at 5am this morning, driving 8 hours to Minneapolis, realizing We are REALLLLLY early, sitting around for 4 hours until They even allow me to check my luggage at 1:15PM(2:15PM home time), I get to sit around for another 3 hours, which turned into 6 hours since flights were delayed into Chicago due to weather and air traffic. Now I am in Illinois. Never been here before. From what I can see (a Hilton and a bunch of Polish folk) it seems nice. By Polish folk I mean there is a flight to Warsaw at 11:45PM before my flight to Seoul, Korea at 1AM. I’m exhausted – But I bought some stuff the guy at the counter recommended to knock me out on my flight. Until then I sit and create this blog.

Yay you folk – all get to read about my adventures! Which aren’t very thrilling so far I MUST say….sorry! haha.

I’ll update from Korea…..since I’ll have a 12 hour lay over there. Yay me right?



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