officially arrived in Bangkok, Thailand

Hi friendfolk,

I have officially arrived in Bangkok Thailand. what I thought was a 2 hr flight from Korea-Bangkok turned out to be a 5 hr one. Blah. More bad sleeps for me.

I arrived. found my driver (the guy from my apartment came to pick me up), and turns out one other guy, Drew, was on my flight too, hes from Chicago, and then another girl Jackie from Wisconsin, was on a flight right after ours so we waited for her.

They are in the rooms next to mine – we are in temporary living for the night incase we decide to live elsewhere. The place is really nice thus far – but according to other students its far from everything. I wouldnt know – its pitch black and humid humid humid. gosh is it ever humid.

I got here. they said i couldnt call home with the phone. that was very scary at first cause i couldnt get internet either – talk about disconnected. no cell no internet no phone. sad lonely life – but then we got internet and drew lent me this gadget called a Magic Jack which plugs into your computer and works as a phone. it was suburb! So I got my phone calls in and I don’t feel so disconnected.

Tomorrow, the 3 of us are going to do some wandering – find other students – look for other apartments that may be closer to our school – but I may just stay here for convenience sake – I am already here and my luggage is heavy – but pretty – since I bought new luggage before going – green/yellow/pink plaid – so it would be easy to spot. Black luggage guessing is the worst.

Good night – going to try to get some sleep – but there doesnt appear to be a comforter….or anything other than the sheets….hmm….challenging. Towel it is.


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