Very First Meal in Bangkok

My first meal in Thailand. Pad Thai with Tofu. Yum. I got it from the restaurant thats part of my building – its sit down and in english – faaaaaaaaaaaantastic. yum!

So I went wondering today. Jackie, Drew, and I decided we would go on an adventure. We walked across the bridge to where Justin, the guy from our building, told us to go. Wowza, talk about bad smells – Bangkok, although has many delicious smells, is majority of the time smelling like a dumpster. The market and the bity we explored was so different than anything I have seen before – there are crazy streets in every direction with 8 road intersections with crazy cars, trucks, and motorbikes fighting for space on the roads. On a typical 4 lane road there are about 8 cars across and 50 motorbikes between the cars. And not a single accident. They also drive on the left hand side of the road – the opposite side to me – but it isn’t the “wrong side”!

There were dogs laying around everywhere – really – I mean EVERYWHERE! There are millions of animals walking the streets in Bangkok and in Thailand in general – there is an animal overpopulation problem  – it is sad to see – but they just ignore you and you ignore them. They are not social animals as I am accustomed to in Canada – they live in the city just as the people so and live their lives separately – no owners and no home.

We found multiple street vendors then a street market. Lots of stuff -trinkets, junk, clothes, electronics – you name it, it was there. But our adventure had the mission of finding us food – we found everything else but! We went into one sit down restaurant (decided to take it slow and ease into the Thai food Vendors on the streets, let the stomach adjust slowly) but in the restaurant nobody spoke english…so we had to leave – There is no english – anywhere – outside of the “tourist” street. This is initially difficult to adjust to, but a challenge I whole-heartedly accept! We eventually found a 7-11 though – which turns out – are EVERYWHERE. By everywhere, I mean one on all 4 corners of an intersection, and atleast one on every block – it is fantastic. I bought a popsicle! mmm! Bonus of the 7-11’s – They are overly air conditioned – and as this is my first time in a humid climate – it is a kind relief to be in an icebox for 10 minutes while buying cold popsicles! It is a safe haven in a city where I sweat like it is my job!

Later, after the market, we took a tuktuk! My very first tuktuk! it is like a motorbike with a cart on it. not very safe since the driving is crazy as mentioned earlier but alot of fun – as long as you do not mind inhaling toxic black gas fumes from the vehicles around you! But we over paid massively – we paid 50 Baht = $1.66. Pricey! haha 😀

Then we decided we needed cell phones! So we went to the big mall near our apartment, which is exceptionally western and even has a starbucks and Lacoste. We wondered around – again in the lovely air conditioning and there were Christmas trees everywhere. Strange for a country that doesn’t celebrate Christmas! haha.

And that ends my first adventure in Bangkok, Thailand.

Oh and they have BRIGHT PINK TAXIS here!! ohhhhhhhhhhh!! I’ll get a picture later! 🙂


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