I went in search of Sunscreen. Which they barely sell here in Thailand. Only at touristy resorts have any of the exchange students been able to find any – and the prices are like 1000 Baht = $30!! Rip Off!!

So I went to the Local Tesco Lotus (big chain store here) and found some for 500 Baht. So not too bad. But then I read the back. And turns out, it is whitening sunscreen!!! what the fudgicle??

So, Thais want to be whiter. They all buy whitening creams in any form; body lotions, sun screens, spray ons…..they essentially are bleaching their skin to be whiter. So it is VERRRRRY difficult for me, whitey white, to find any of those products in non-whitening form. Cause All of us exchange students want to be brown. hahah So apparently nobody is happy being who they are and we all want to alter skin colours.



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