im special interlude

so heres what just happened…

I bought this little nutella jar so i could have yummyness with my sweet bread cause they dont have normal bread here…..but it was not mixed….like watery something on top…like yogurt gets….so i went to stir it…im stirring and then some drips over the edge so i bring my head down to lick it but then i throw the lid and i flail in an attempt to catch it forgetting that i have a container and spoon filled with nutella…so im reaching for the flying lid, and the spoon comes flipping out of the nutella jar covered in nutella and slaps me in the face and then hits my arm and sticks. But i catch the lid. so all is well and Im licking my arm and trying to lick my own face cause wasting nutella is a bad thing. and im not sure how clean I am since its hot and sweaty here. but it seems alright. but I just wanted you to know Im still special. Cheers


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