Vietnam – Day 7 and 8 – Sapa

So I figure I should write something here. 🙂
So Sapa is wayyyy up in the mountains and are mountians of Rice Paddys. It is very beautiful as you can see. I spent two days hiking through the rice paddys into all the local villages. We did a home stay over night with a local family, but it was more of a touristy thing….it was a local family, but there were like 15 other travellers there and we all sleep in this giant room with beds on the floor!! But it was still great cause we spent the evening with these people just chatting and laughing and hearing all about where they have been and what they were up to.
Now Sapa. What a place. haha the entire thing is slippery and mucky so we have two days of slipping and sliding everywhere. I thought it was hilarious. And we also traveled with some locals, who I have photographes here. They held our hands and basically dragged us around cause we looked like idiots and children just learning to walk, cause we were slipping so much. Every single one of us fell on our butts MULTIPLE times. There is a photo of Marco displaying his first fall – he was the first to go down upon saying “It is all mucky like this is Ecuador but different types of mud…” *BOOM! hahah it was funny. My first fall isnt as humorous. I was just standing there waiting and instantly I was just on my butt. I dont even remember moving its so slippery hahah. But I bought new hiking shoes for it cause I didnt want to ruin mine!! Luckily I did cause everybody elses shoes were SO SO SO disgusting at the end!! You could not even tell they were shoes!! Just mud blobs with holes where your feet go!! haha even INSIDE your shoes is all slippy slippy. haha.
But the local Muong people sold us all sorts of things that they made, like purses and tapestries and jewelery. They were beautiful. I bought silver bracelets for $3 and beatiful hand sewn wall hangings. I loved it in Sapa. It was very beautiful to walk through and meet all the locals. Who spoke very little english I must admit, but still interesting!


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