The Lady Boy Test – Stolen from Geoff

bahahha, I found this on Geoff’s blog and laughed. Lets share the true Thailand Experience since he worded it in a way I could never:

“The Lady Boy Tests (for the ones who tend not to look like men with long hair and heels):

1) The adams apple – if you see this bulge you know there is another waiting for you later
2) The hands – if they are close to the size of your own be weary
3) The Feet – similar to the hands but should be significantly smaller
4) The Brush Up – dance with him/her to see if you can feel junk
5) Get them Angry – you may hear the manly voice come back out
6) The Next Morning – sorry but its too late already and you have found a lady boy the hard way!”

There have been a few ladyboy encounters by other exchange students – the most prominent story is that of Eli’s. He will never be the same. So Eli went to the bathroom at a bar (I think?) and typically male bathroom, a line-up of Urinals. So he gets down to business when a ladyboy walks in and stands next to him and starts to go as well. Then the lady boy looks over at Eli, reaches out and grabs ahold of ‘him’. He said he stood in shock not sure how to react. BAHAHAH. Poor unfortunate soul. Many other exchangers have been kissed by ladyboys randomly.

The best part about ladyboys – in Thailand – you’re safer being a female! Ladyboys dont come after girls, just the Boys. So the boys are the weary ones, while us Girls just breeze on by! haha. The only people we have to worry about are other foreign travellers – cause they bring with them their home country clubbing ways – and we all know what THATS like. But the Local Thais are extremely nice and dont bother Girls at all, they just let you be while you’re shaking your thing!! haha.


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