Rice Harvesting

The University took 10 of us to Harvest Rice at the other Campus, Rangsit. It is a 45 Minute drive from our downtown campus out into the middle of no where. But this campus is HUGE and very very nice!! So why did I harvest rice? WHY NOT?!?! hahah So we were given these sharp hooked gadgets and told to grab a hold of the rice and then cut it near the bottom and pile it up. We did an entire field! See all of the people helping?? That entire field was all cut by the end!! How fantastic! And and and! Our exchange student group were the frist ones to cross the entire field!! 🙂 Yay us! It was a very nice experience! But it was extremely hot! And that one handful of rice I am holding….that huge amount will ONLY make about one bowl of rice!! There must be ALOT of rice workers slaving away! It is HARD work!! But definitly a fun experience! Also, there were water buffalo just strolling around us as we worked. haha, what a life. they were watching us work wondering why we were taking over their job for them!! haha


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