Taiwan Travel plans :)

So here are my plans for Taiwan.

Flight BKK – TPE March 18th Depart 13:10 Arrive 17:50
Stay two nights by myself in Taipei to explore 🙂

Train from Taipei – Kaohsiung March 20th Depart: 06:30 Arrive: 08:12The conference in is the south in Koahsiung. 🙂

Symposium March 20 09:00 March 21 17:00
APXLDC March 21 17:00 March 27 18:00
Post Tour March 27 19:00 March 30 15:30

Flight TPE – BKK March 30th Depart 18:20 Arrive 20:50

My Post tour includes this:
Day 1: Kaohsiung – Taipei
Show us around Taipei city and go to Shi Lin Night market.
Day 2: Taipei – Hualien (Eastern Taiwan)
Go to Chingshui Cliff, Visit Taroko National Park and hike the Shakadang Trail to see the Eternal Spring Shrine then Go to the Buluowan Recreation area and see the Swallow grotto then go through the Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail. Afterwards go to Hualien City and visit the Nanbin Night market.
Day 3: Hualien
Arrive at Songyuan memorial residence which is the only remaining architecture build during Japancese colonial rule. Then head to Chixingtan which is a famous bay shaped like a new moon. There take the Coastal Bicycle trail. Then visit RuiShui form, and at night visit MAKUDAAI. Then return to hotel in RuiShui hot spring zone to have a nice peaceful night.
Day 4: Hualien – Taipei
Travel up to Taipei via train.

Woot!! I am so VERY VERY excited!!


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