APXLDS was AMAZING. I loved every moment of it. In 7 days I only got 12 hours of sleep in total! But that did not matter because there was so much energy at the conference it was easy to just keep going and keep smiling and laughing. Everybody was fantastic. Everyday they hosted sessions for us and in the evenings they hosted different theme parties; Beer Party, Taiwan Night, Beach Party, Gala Night.

I met so so so many amazzzing people and I obtained a job in the Philippines for the summer in July/August!! Yay me!! 😀

I love Asia. I want to stay here forever! The people are wonderful and the cultures are ALL so incredibly different!!! I Love it! 🙂 This was one of the BEST weeks of my LIFE!

These are my roomates!! Karen from Hong Kong, Akira from Japan, Me, and Jamie from Korea!! They are all amazing people and I love them oh so much!!! haha!

This is Kazu from Japan and I!!! He shared my birthday so we partied alllll night together!! He was born in 1990 though but thats ok!! He is hilarious.

This is at the Global village!! Me with Korea!! I LOVE their dresses! I cant wait to visit Korea at end of August on my way home to Canada!!!

This was the Taiwan night they put on! It was a little market with foods and games and sparklers and SMILES!!

This is a photo of the beer party final!! haha Teams were composed by country and competed against eachother!! Sadly I was the only Canadian that drank (there was one other Canadian) and so On my team I have Cambodia, Thailand, Hungary, and I!!


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