Khorat, Phimai, Phanom Rung, and Surin – Festivals, Ruins, and Silk!

For a little trip. Jackie and I went to Northeastern region of Thailand to watch silk getting made. But conveniently, Apriil 3-5th is a festival in this region at the ancient Khmer ruins because it is the proper sun alignment. So we got to attend a few festivals in each city! We also saw some of the largest Banyan trees in Thailand. That tree is ALL one HUGE tree. it has lots and lots of trunks and it just creeps all over the place. it was neat. The silk making factory was beautiful. there were 4 ladies per machine working on two different floors. In total they can only make about 4CM a day!! They have to dye the silk as well and that takes 3 months to do!!! It takes a VERY long time to make ONE scarf which sells here in Thailand for like 15$ CAN!!! it is insane!!


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