Taipei, Taiwan!

So I spent 3 days in Taipei before going to the conference in Kaohsiung!! Taipei is a beautiful city!! I went to a whole bunch of temples. I just took the metro everywhere. It is VERRRRY handy that metro – no problems no problems!

I stayed with a guy named Ken, who couchsurfed me for the 2 nights I was there. The first night he took me the the Memorial and we went to a kickboxing class! It was ALOT of fun but VERRRY tiring. I. Am. Laazzy! haha. Afterwards he took me to a night market and ordered me delicious Taiwanese food! and BUBBLE TEA!!! Taiwanese bubble tea is fantastic!!! Im addicted! Hardcore!

Then the second day Ken had to work so I just wandered around by myself from metro station to metro station getting off to view temples and scenery!! It was a good time. then I got slept and wokr at 4AM to catch a 5:30AM train down south! haha. Here are some beautiful photos of Taipei!! 🙂


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