Grenades in Bangkok

A series of grenade attacks that rocked Silom financial district late Thursday killed three people and wounded more than 70 others, Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban said. “Three people died and more than 70 were injured,” Mr Suthep said.


Dark influences: SPECIAL REPORT Men in black carrying assault rifles spark real fear, partly because no one knows who they are.

Double Yikes.

But no worries; taxis will NOT enter this area at all and I have NO plans of going NEAR it. Hopefully I will leave on Thursday for 5 days on the beach before exams start – and to distance myself from Bangkok a little bit.

Life in Bangkok is NOT dangerous though…you really do NOT see a difference in life even though there are protesters everywhere and these grenades are going off. It is NOT near enough to me to cause immediate danger to me….but the Canadian Embassy is in the centre of all the riots, thus they sent out a message to me via email saying that if I need the help of the consulate to go to Cambodia or Laos 😛 hahah how special.

I am safe though.


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