Laos – Vientiane

Hello Friendfolk!

How do you say Hello in Laos?? Im not sure I only speak basic Thai!! haha Although the languages are similar – with my terrible Thai accent – they simply though I was Crazy 😉 No Problem there – they are getting the fast track version of me!! 😀

So me and my friend Aung went to Laos for 5 days as a little Vacay! WOot! Aung is from Thailand and I met her in Taiwan at the conference APXLDS! She is SUPER DUPER!!

So we took a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG overnight bus ride up to the border../…lucky for me I bought a lovely CLOUDZ pillow on my flight over to Asia, so I brought it on the bus and slept like a baby with NO neck cramps in the morning! Horray for me! I cannot say the same for Aung sadly 😦

So we hung around Vientiane for a day looking at pretty temples of gold deliciousness and then, since Laos was previously a French colony….we ATE BAGUETTES AND CHEESE!! MMMMMMMMMM!! YOu dont realize how delicious bread and cheese is until you dont have it in your life anymore!!!

We also somewhat – sorta – kinda went to Paris for a day!! well actually not – but there is an Arc de Triompe in Vientiane that was never fully finished but for the most part its a pretty sight!!!
So it was a fantastic day wandering around!


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