Island Hopping Tour

So, one of the interns – Lukas – set up an island hopping tour for all us interns here in Davao city – there are alot of us – about 40?? Yikes!! So last saturday we woke up early and made our way to wharf to catch our boat for our island hopping tour!!

The boat was nice enough – have side panels to sit off of and these wooden pieces to balance the boat but which also worked as climbing structures for some water fun. It was crazy how the boat workers could just walk all around across these wooden planks while the boat was moving while the rest of us struggled to wander onto them while the boat was just floating!!

We swam all day – some scuba dived, some snorkled, and the half which were chinese….stayed on the boat cause they dont want their skin to get darker!! While those of us who are exceptionally pale went out in the hot sun and got verrrrrrrrrrrrrry red. haha LOVELY! Then we finally landed on our overnight island! Got into a room with a nice bed shared with two other ladies. They cooked us bbq meats for dinner…mmmm tuna…..and then we drank (not much for me cause I’m battling a cold) and sang for the evening – with one of the Czech interns playing guitar for us. Earlier we saw some Filipino’s playing volleyball and we joined in with them for a very fun game – although my legs were sore afterwards – i didnt think I was that lazy! apparently I am! 🙂

When I finally went to bed about midnight, I wrapped up in my blanket and was out like a light….until it started to rain….hard…..which normally i wouldnt wake up during…..BUT…..the roof above ONLY MY BED…..leaked….ALL OVER ME AND MY BED!! ugh! I woke up and saw that the other two girls beds were fine and not being leaked on but mine was getting soaked!! Talk about karma!! haha So Yeah I slept cold wet and shitty and woke up feeling 20x WORSE than I felt the day before….stupid sickness. But it was STILL raining in the morning so we all got up and boarded the first boat home to davao city! back in my nice warm DRY room 😀 Happy as one can be with a nasty cold and a bathing suit bottoms sunburn!! haha


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