Jail Talent Show, Davao City, Philippines

Hey Friendfolk,

Some of the interns here in Davao work at the local woman’s jail. Its not really a jail – it is where woman are held until they are convicted of tried for a crime – since this is the Philippines- some of these woman have been there for 6 years without being convicted of everything! What a terrible thing. But all these woman are very nice people filled with hope and determined to do good when they get out – they must spend a lot of each day praying. So it makes sense.

But! Since the interns are soon to be leaving – they decided to host a talent show with the woman in the prison. All of the AIESEC interns here in Davao, about 40 of us, all went to the jail, to watch the woman sing, dance, and act. It was a jolly time.

Afterwards we had options to get massages, manicures, pedicures, or hair cuts – since these were the professions of the woman prior to being put in the jail. I got a full body massage…and I am a happy person! 🙂

I went to the mall afterwords and bought lots and lots of dvds for 60P ($1.25) each – I spent $15 Canadian and bought – How I Met Your Mother Season 1-5, House Season 1-5, Rome Season 1, true Blood Season 1-2, and 4 movies; Inception, PS I Love You, The Notebook, and The Hangover! WOWZERS!! I love the affordability of Asia! 🙂

Happy Days


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