What a Week…

What a Week I’ve had….

I started out the week good! Started my Spanish lessons! Which are going well – Atleast I think. They are interesting and my teachers are really good. I am with Ñ de Español. It is decently priced and they are moderately flexible with my hours, and my lessons. I am thus far learning the basics….Verbs….To Be (Ser/Estar), To be called (llamar), To Have (Tener)…..And lots of nouns along the way.

My foreigner learning Spanish act has allowed me to get away with some funny direct translations including my favourite “Alto Cinco” which means High Five 😀 yayy

Then the week got really shitty…..I got pick-pocketed! argggggg!! I got my Camera case stolen which had my brand new camera, my Visa, my Debit card, and thankfully only $75 in it! But arggg!!!! wtf. It was at Lunch time on the way to a restaurant – My purse was at my side with my arm swinging over it….and somehow they managed to get into it. But there is nothing I can do about it. It is completely normal and common for such things to happen here! All of my teammates have had it happen atleast once and many of them have had it happen more than 5 😛 How brutal that this is just considered “normal” life…..Get a Job…that is all I have to say. But I’ve canceled my cards and they are sending me new ones….but my camera is lost and I’m so sad cause it was the coolest new camera with all these fun features!! 😦

And also – ontop of it all, I got sick mid-week and have been battling a nasty cold. My nose is stuffy, and my throat is swollen and very painful…yuck!

But – I slept 15 hours last night….I feel much better, my cold is SLIGHTLY less irritating, but my Anger over my stuff has subsided greatly, and Im now just Blah about it all….

and Today, Friday, I’m working at home. and it is now the weekend….I have no plans….But I would love love love to just stay home and read. haha Sounds like a very loser person weekend – but for me – its Bliss. 🙂



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