Lost in Translation

So, some things are extremely hilarious when they are directly translated from Spanish to English….I burst out laughing at my teammates when they have said something innocent but in English it is extremely….not….haha Of course, I am not laughing at their language skills but they are amazing, but I am laughing at those translation that just should be…..


How can I turn you on?……Asking me what keeps me motivated at work.
What satisfies you?………Aking me what makes me happy in life.
I was just playing with myself…..Talking about doodling on the blackboard prior to our arrival

and Spanish to English:

Estoy Excite…..which translates to….I am sexually excited….not I am happy. haha
Estoy Embarazada….which translates to…..I am pregnant….not I am embarrassed. Oops!

And thats life 🙂


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