Rafaela with Nati!

Hola Chicos!

So Rafaela was great! Her family was super nice and it was a great experience to be in a family house again.

We arrived Saturday morning early and surprised her parents at their work, since they did not know we were coming for the weekend!

Her mother didn’t speak English very well and my Spanish is horrible still, so our means of communicating was in French! haha It was very entertaining to practice my french again, turns out – I’m not half bad. haha.

Sunday we drove to Sante Fe early to watch Nati’s younger brother, Pablo, race Motocross. It was a beautiful day in nice weather to sit outside. The motocross was entertaining but everybody was standing SO close to the edge of the track that the racers drove RIGHT beside them. I had to stand back about 5 meters cause I was scared I’d get hit by a Racer if they fell. haha I suppose I watch too many movies 😛

Friday evening Nati’s friends came over and we all had Pizza, it was nice, even though I only understand about half the conversation. Saturday night Nati’s extended family came over and we ate dinner, and on Monday her extended family on the OTHER side came over and we ate dinner for Fathers Day! 🙂 It was really really nice to just relax and spend time with her family. I greatly appreciate the opportunity and experience.

Nati has a dog named Luna who is SUPER adorible. She is only 1 so she acts like Scotia did at the age, jumping around like crazy and running and being extremely playful. haha So I had a lot of fun playing with Luna and just being around a dog again. I really miss Scotia.

But back to life in Buenos Aires!


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