The Swiss, Tango Festival, & Locked Doors

Hola Chicos!

So Life got a little more exciting last week. Cleo and Adrien arrived in Buenos Aires. For those who do not know Cleo and Adrien – Cleo was my Swiss exchange student in 2006 and Adrien was her best friend. They decided to backpack South America from Lima, Peru to Buenos Aires, Argentina – and looky who’s living in Buenos Aires! So after 5 years, we have reunited – and it feels like No Time has passed! Same funny conversations and delicious meals! 2 weeks of fun.

We have explored the San Telmo Sunday street market – both Cleo and Adrien started spending all their hard earned money here since they no longer are “Backpacking” they can afford the extra weight and clothing prior to returning to beautiful Neuchatel, Switzerland.

In August, Buenos Aires hosts the International Tango Festival which is – best part – FREE! So for a few nights Cleo, Adrien and I have gone to watch Salon Tango and Performance Tango, and watched multiple Electric Tango music.

They are studying Spanish during the day while I am at work and in the evenings we share meals and discuss the day.

They have gone to Sao Paulo for the weekend, as Adrien is a film director and his film is being premiered there. So I am left alone, but NEXT weekend we are going to Iguazu Falls.

Today they left for Sao Paulo, and they locked the door behind them. But they only turned the lock 180 degrees instead of 360 degrees thus disabling my key from unlocking the door from the inside – I was locked INSIDE my apartment. haha Yes. Inside. A rare, but do-able feat. So I called a locksmith and he came and opened my door…..for the unreasonable price of $200 Pesos or $50 CND. It is NOT cheaper in Buenos Aires. People have to STOP lying.



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