Lets Eat: Kyoto, Japan

Visiting Japan for 2 Weeks with friends- Amazing food at incredibly reasonable prices.

Does Japanese cuisine have more than Sushi? You bet it does! Japan has a wide assortment of food, but most of the food includes seafood and fish. If you are allergic or just do not like seafood or fish- you probably will not enjoy much more than Rice! Seafood served raw is sashimi, simmered in a pot, grilled over charcoal, or deep-fried is tempura -Japanese chefs have many ways to prepare fish and shellfish.

  • In one year, the average Japanese person eats slightly more than their own weight in seafood.
  • The Japanese traditionally use every part of the fish, including the heads, bones and liver and eaten fish raw, dried, fried, steamed and boiled.
  • Japanese traditionally eat certain fish in certain seasons: bonito and skipjack (katsuo) in the spring; squid ( ika ) in the summer; saury ( sanma ) in the autumn and amberjack or yellowtail ( buri ) in the winter. (You can get it any time of the year – but this is Tradition)

So lets get to it! What are the traditional foods of Japan that you MUST try?

  • Onigiri – Rice wrapped in Seaweed stuffed with tuna, salmon, pickled plum, dried bonito shavings.
  • Kare Raisu – Rice with curry sauce.

    Salmon nigiri sushi - Shira Nui AUD18 special ...

    Sushi, Sashimi, Nigiri Oh My!

  • Sashimi – raw seafood
  • Miso Soup – Miso paste in hot water with tofu
  • Tempura – meat, vegetables, seafood covered in deepfried batter
  • Edamame – boiled soy beans, often with salt
  • Zarusoba – Noodle made by Soba powder dipped into green onion sauce
  • Shabu-Shabu – thin slices of meat cooked over a pot of hot water
  • Ramen and Udon Noodle Soups
And for Dessert?
  • Azuki Shiratama – Cold sweet dumplings made of red bean
  • Manjhu – steamed cake
  • Ohagi – sweet rice balls
  • Green tea mochi ice cream
  • Daifuku – Donut made of flour and sugar filled with bean jelly
To Drink?
  • Sake – Rice wine
  • Shochu – yam spirit
  • Green Tea
  • Milk Tea
  • Asahi Beer

To help you enjoy the fabulous assortment of Japanese cuisine. Here is a list of restaurants in Kyoto, Japan:

  • Gontaro – Noodle Shop (Fuyacho Dori, Shijo-agaru) $
  • Musashi – Sashimi on Conveyor Belt (Kawaramachi-Sanjo intersection) $
  • Kushi Kura – Sushi and Meat Plates (Takakura Dori, Oike-agaru) $
  • Mikoan – Vegetarian food (570, Nakano-cho, Teramachi-dori) $$

$ = 0-1500 JPY  | $$ = 1500-3000 JPY  |  $$$ = 3000-5500 JPY  |  $$$$ = Too Many JPY

Japanese meals are served with a hot towel to clean your hands prior to the meal and is eaten with chopsticks! This is the time to get lessons on how to properly use them!

Overall, Japanese food splendid – If you love seafood. Since the country is pricey – the Food is also pricey – but it is so worth the money to experience what they can do with seafood!


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