Lets Eat: Ottawa, Canada

I lived in Ottawa for 4 Years throughout my Undergraduate degree – Ottawa has some amazing dining delights that are (mostly) all centralized in the Byward Market.

Ottawa tulip festivalSo Canadian Food? Do we even have anything that is strictly Canadian? Why yes of course we do. It just isn’t the HEALTHIEST of options. The “Cuisine” varies extremely depending on which part of the country you are in. Since Canada is MASSIVE, and has an extremely large immigrant population, the cuisine is very diversified and there are millions of fusion options depending on the location. The former Canadian prime minister Joe Clark once said: “Canada has a cuisine of cuisines. Not a stew pot, but a smorgasbord.”

  • The Traditional routes of Canadian cuisine comes from First Nations, English, and French.

So lets get to it! What is included in traditional Canadian “Cuisine” (used fast and loose) that you MUST try?

  • Poutine – French Fries, Cheese Curds, and Gravy. Eaten with a fork. DELICIOUS.

    Poutine (French fried potatoes with cheese cur...

    Poutine. Nothing Further.

  • Montreal Style Bagels – Donut shaped Carbohydrates.
  • Salmon Jerky – Its like beef jerky….but with Salmon
  • Pierogies – fried dumpling with potato and cheese stuffing.
  • Moose, Deer, Buffalo, or Elk Meat – Different wild game caught in hunting season
So clearly, Canadian cuisine is not to die for, but HEY, its home for Me and 32 Million other people. But this is only TRADITIONAL Canadian Food. Like I said, the cuisine offered is extremely multicultural with influences from all over the world.
And for Dessert?
  • Maple Syrup – Ok this isn’t a food – its a sweet sauce similar to honey (less dense) that we put on pancakes, and every other food for that matter (chicken, salmon, salads etc)
  • Butter Tarts – Pie crusts with sugar and syrup centre

    Grades of Vermont maple syrup. From left to ri...

    Maple Maple EVERYWHERE

  • Ketchup Chips – Regular chips flavoured with Ketchup
  • Cheese Cake – With fruit, chocolate, or nut sauces.
  • Pie – pumpkin, lemon, apple, blueberry, rhubarb. A Plethora of choices
  • Naniamo Bars – Chocolate Cake with a layer of icing with chocolate top coat.
  • Beaver Tails – deep fried pastry covered in your choice of icing sugar, syrup, peanut butter, etc
To Drink?

Molson Canadian Brewing Mickey Body beverage t...

Molson Canadian Beer Truck! Bringing happiness where ever it goes!

  • Canadian Beer – Molson Canadian, Alexander Keiths, Labatt Blue, Sleeman,
    Moosehead, Kokanee,  etc
  • Whiskey – Crown Royal,
  • Ice Wine – Grown in the Niagara Falls Region
  • Caesar – Vodka, Clamato Juice, Worcestershire Sauce, Tobasco Sauce, in a Sat-rimmed glass

To help you enjoy some of the diverse food selections in Ottawa, Canada. Read the list of restaurants that I often frequent:

  • Kinki’s – Japanese Fusion Food (41 York St) (Happy Hour 4-6pm) $$$
  • Mexicali Rosa’s – Mexican Food (33 Clarence St) $$$
  • Zak’s Diner – 50’s style diner (16 Byward Market) $
  • Memories – Lunch and Dessert Place (7 Clarence St) $$
  • Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise – Indian Vegetarian Food (167 Laurier Ave E) $$
  • Habesha – Ethiopean Food (574 Rideau St) $$
  • Eggspectation – Breakfast and Lunch (171 Bank St) $$
  • The Works – Every type of Burger you could Imagine (580 Bank Street) $$

$ = 0-15 CAD  | $$ = 15-25 CAD  |  $$$ = 25-40 CAD  |  $$$$ = Too Much CAD

Overall, Food from Ottawa is incredibly diverse and offers some great value for your money. For more information on restaurants visit Ottawa Food.


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