Easter Island, Chile – Besides the Moai

So in Easter Island – Yes, of course you go to see the Moai – At sunrise, sunset, and all the time in between. But what else is there to do on this BEAUTIFUL island in the centre of the Pacific?

1) Visit the boats and the fisherman. There is a little beach where children play. and You

Fisherman's Port in downtown Hanga Roa

can watch all the fisherman unloading their catch. If you look to the left you can watch locals (and foreigners) surfing close to shore. You can always partake in a little surfing if you like as well!


2) EAT!

You are on an island in the middle of the Pacific. With the fisherman mentioned above – you should only and always be eating fish and seafood. There are plenty of great restaurants on the island (Sure, it will dig fairly deep into your pocket) but the food is amazing and fresh! Enjoy the island to its fullest and eat up! Pictured here is a Tuna Ceviche dish I ate (Ceviche is the process of taking seafood or fish and using the acids of lemons and limes to “cook” it – YUM!)

3) Go Horseback Riding

Me on a Horse on top of the Island

The island is spotted with wild horses. But there are many ranches on the island which will take you around the island via Horse. It is a lovely ride. There are typically three routes: Coastal (follow the shores), Volcano (go to the highest spot on the island for aerial views and volcano spotting), and Hills (across the rolling hills of the island). Of course there are other ways to ride horses on the island – but these are the routes that were offered to me. It was VERY windy up at the top point of the island – but the complete 360 view of the island is incredibly!

4) Go Shopping!

Stall of products on the island

There is a Feria in the centre of Hanga Roa which has many locals selling their crafts, merchandise, and of course – moai carvings. Also, spotted along the main street of town, are many more local shops selling everything from clothing to souvenirs. It is worth it to explore the products. And if you’re like me – Buy yourself some Moai statue souvenirs made of Onyx. I couldn’t help but indulge! At each Moai location around the island there is generally one or two people selling products as well.

Fresh Guava on Rapa Nui

5) Go Fresh Fruit picking!

If you;re on a horse ride or you;re simply hiking around the island. Take a took at the trees around you. There are MANY guava trees with fresh ripe guava just waiting to be eaten. Don’t be greedy of course, but tasting one ow two fresh guavas will really perk up any trip, hike, or horse ride as the tropical weather can really have the sun beating down hard.

6) Watch a Kari Kari Dance! 

Kari Kari Dancers

The locals have many dance performance groups which perform almost every night of the week. I went to see the Kari Kari dancers, which are the oldest and largest troupe on the island. The show lasted about 2 hours and was filled with traditional dances, songs, and music. They even had the audience involved by inviting you up to dance along with them. ALWAYS entertaining to watch a foreigner trying to shake their hips the way the woman do!

On top of a Volcano

7) Go Volcano Spotting.

No the volcanos do not move. But the entire island was created by 3 volcano eruptions. and the entire island is scattered with volcanos. They are all tame now and water filled craters. But to look down into a Volcano and experience it is worth the climb up to the top. Our tour guide took us to the Volcano and had us walk backwards towards it until we were close enough, to turn around and experience the entire Volcano in one sight. It was breathtaking.

Cave in Rapa Nui

8 ) Explore the caves surrounding the island.

There are many caves which are linked to the ancestors of the island. Caves that had large significance in their traditions and festivals. But there are also many more saves surrounding the island which are just waiting to be explored. Of course, with due caution. Watch the rising water and don’t climb where it looks dangerous unless you’re a skilled climber!


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