Flying: Getting from Point A to Point B cheaply

I am always on the lookout for cheap flights around the world. I will admit, I constantly check airlines, and random routes to see the cheapest way possible to get there. I look for deals, and I look for amazing deals to obscure locations. This is especially when thinking of my next big adventure. Where do I want to go? Anywhere I get to cheaply.

So how do I do this? Here is some information that I have collected about airlines, airports, schedules, destinations, and all things flying related.


The Basics:

  • There are 3 categories of travel websites
    • Airline websites: Websites that belong to the airlines. Occasionally have promotions or deals that you will not find on other travel sites.
    • Travel websites: Travel agencies on the web. Have deals that combine tickets from more than one airline that you will not find on airline websites.
    • Agreggator websites: Search engines that search both airline and travel websites. No aggregator searches every travel and airline website. You cannot buy direct from the aggregator.

The Search Strategy:

  • First: Start with these 5 Aggregator Engines
  • Second: Search these 4 (or other) Travel Websites for Comparisons
  • Third: Search Airline Website that showed Cheapest Results
    • Check for discounts or further savings – Book
  • Fourth: Check which airlines fly from Point A to Point B (including all Budget)
  • Fifth: For N.American Departures – Sign up for
  • Extra Tips:
    • Click the Flexible Dates button. This will show surrounding dates and produce the cheapest flights.
    • Check the foreign websites. Especially the home country site. They normally have flight cheaper flights.
    • Look in Foreign currencies. If you are flying to a country who has a stronger currency than the country you are flying to. Booking in that currency will enable you to take advantage of exchange rates. It doesn’t work vice versa.


Another point to take into consideration is the amount of savings you get by flying in and out of major airport Hubs, OR by flying alternative routes. Sometimes the major airport hubs save you money: mainly in Asia, Oceania, and N.America. Flying out of Major hubs in Europe generally have Massive taxes associated to them, so flying to near by airports instead can save you significantly on taxes.

Major Airport Hubs by Alliance:

  • OneWorld
    • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Texas USA – American Airlines
    • Miami International Airport, Florida USA – American Airlines
    • Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong – Cathay Pacific
    • London Heathrow Airport, UK – British Airways
    • Madrid-Barajas Airport, Spain – Iberia
    • Queen Alia International Airport, Amman Jordan – Royal Jordanian Airlines
    • Sydney Airport, Australia – Qantas
  • SkyTeam
    • Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy – Alitalia
    • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands – KLM
    • Rome Fiumicino Airport, Italy – Alitalia
    • Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Michigan USA – Delta Air Lines
    • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Georgia USA – Delta Air Lines
    • Incheon International Airport, Seoul Korea – Korean Air
    • Mexico City International Airport, Mexico – Aeromexico
    • Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, Minnesota USA – Delta Air Lines
    • Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, France – Air France
    • Prague Ruzyne Airport, Czech Republic – Czech Airlines
    • Venice Marco Polo Airport,Italy – Alitalia
  • StarAlliance
    • Charlotte/Douglas International Airport, North Carolina USA – US Airways
    • Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Illinois USA – United Airlines
    • Frankfurt am Main Airport, Germany – Lufthansa
    • Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Texas USA – Continental Airlines
    • Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore – Singapore Airlines
    • Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada – Air Canada
    • Washington Dulles International Airport, DC USA – United Airlines
    • Zurich-Kloten Airport, Switzerland – Swiss International Air Lines



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