Where to Stay: Kaimana Inn – Easter Island, Chile

Entrance Sign to the Kaimana Inn

If you find yourself on Easter Island, and are asking yourself; Where should I stay where I can have an amazing experience, with incredible owners, and be in a great location? Look no further than the Kaimana Inn.

Their motto is: Our passengers arrive as tourists and leave as our friends. 

And I most certainly agree with this statement.

Whirlpool on the deck

Price Range: $75-120 USD per Night

Location: Hanga Roa, Rapa Nui, Chile

Comes with: Breakfast each morning of eggs, fruit, fresh squeezed juice, coffee

Charm: 6 rooms with a central open air common room. Whirlpool in the back of the deck.

Central Common Area

It is a family owned place, and the owner Marcelo, is simply amazing. He picks you up at the airport, and explains the Island and activities you can do on the island. He drives you around the city upon arrival to show you the basics the city offers so you can walk by yourself later and know where everything is. If you take his tours which are amazing prices, he is your tour guide. He in incredibly knowledgable and shows you things other guides do not even know about. Magnetic spots on the Island and various surprises! He helps arrange other tours for you as well; he helped arrange my horse riding tour to the highest point on the island!

All in all – I say Kaimana Inn is your BEST option for an experience on Easter Island, Chile!


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