Day 3: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile – Altiplanico Lagunas

Day 3: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile – Altiplanico Lagunas

Today I took a full day tour to see the Altiplanico Lagunas. These are Lagunas way way way up high in the mountains surrounding San Pedro de Atacama.

Laguna Miscanti, Chile

You spend the first hour driving all the way there. Its a long drive but extremely scenic. You can see all the surrounding mountain ranges, but they almost look fake. With the way the sand is blowing acros them, it gives them an almot transparent affect.

The first stop was Laguna Chaxa, where all things flamingos were explained. We walked through the Flamingos Reserve and saw the 3 specicies of Flamingos that inhabit the area. There are 5 types of Flamingos in the World, and 3 Exist here in Northrn Chile. Read about Flamingos Here.

We walked along the Lagunas and afterwards had an amazing lunch in Socaire then moved on to the village of Toconao. The best part for me: The llamas just hanging out around town! Super fun!


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