Day 7&8 – Salta, Argentina

Day 7&8 – Salta, Argentina

I do love the vibe of this city, its easy flow and its cheerful people. When I sat in the central plaza with the sun in the clear blue sky, all I hear is laughter and friendly conversations. The old man next to me calls out to about 10 of his friends who are passing by. This is the good life.

Carnival Anybody?

Yesterday as I wandered the Plaza 9 de Julio, people were gathering at one end of the plaza and music starting to play. As I made my way over, I started to listen more closely and realized that it was the Carnival celebration in Salta. Defiently not to the same caliber as Brazil, but a variety of dance groups dressed in beautiful costumes all started dancing and showing off their skills. It was a VERy great thing to encounter!

I spent the rest of the day wandering the streets of Salta, and then in the evening I hung around the Hostel talking to Miguel (an employee) and watching television. The best part is always playing with Pocho the orange tabby cat that lives here. He is a delight. It was a lovely relaxing night.

Today I woke up early (naturally) around 7, finished up some work, and then headed out to explore the churches and other sights of Salta. Similar to yesterday, I simply wandered the streets and watched the people and the sights unfold around me.

At 11, I headed to the Museum of High Altitude Archaeology, which was very informative, and today, on display was “The Lightening Girl”. She is a mummy. This six year old girl was found at the top of Mount Llullaillaco in the Salta province and was a human sacrifice. It is a tad creepy but extremely interesting to see how well she is preserved. The high altitudes and weather preserved her little body so well, she even still has her teeth.

I am off to Tilcara now!


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