Day 16 & 17 – Potosi, Bolivia

Day 16 & 17 – Potosi, Bolivia

When people think of Potosi Bolivia, there are normally three things that people know about the city: Mines, Highest City in the World, and Silver!

Other than being the highest city in the World (4067 masl), I did not partake it the cities famous mine tours or purchase any silver. BUT – I did thoroughly enjoy this small cities vibe and flow during the days leading up to Christmas

Central Plaza in Potosi, Bolivia - Ready for Christmas!

Upon arrival it became to pour rain. Lucky me. So carrying my bag, we began to walk the 5 blocks uphill to a recommended hostel – this may seem like a simple taste, but it most certainly is not. At 4000+ metres above sea level, with a 12kg backpack, in the pouring rain, uphill, by the time I arrived at the hostel my heart was pounding and I thought I just might have a stroke. Luckily I did not. But I required about 15 minutes of recuperation time prior to speaking with the receptionist who just had a grin on her face, laughing at my patheticness.

San Bernardo Church and Market, Potosi, Bolivia

I spent the evening in. I did not feel like wander the rainy streets of Potosi. But the next morning the weather improved drastically and I was able to wear only a tshirt out for a stroll around the town! (At such a high altitude, it doesnt matter if its sunny out, it normally remains quite cold). With Camile from France, Allisdair from England, and Stian from Norway, we aimlessly wandered around, left, right, did not matter, as long as we tended to keep a fairly downhill walking pattern, we could all continue to breath successfully without heaving over from lack of oxygen.

On top of the Central Church in Potosi, Bolivia

We explored the central church was currently under renovations, but for me was part of the marvel of the church. Only half was painted and not all pillars were completed. It was a beautiful sight to see a church under construction and imaging what the end result will be.

Inside an under construction church, Potosi, Bolivia

Overall, the city is a lovely little town with many wonderful colourful houses. The city was quite busy in the few days approaching Christmas, but everybody seemed in a jolly mood and life continued in its normal fashion. I would visit Potosi again to spend more time here.

dragon of Metal, Potosi, Bolivia

Fun Fact: In the United States, the name Potosi was optimistically given to lead-mining towns of Potosi, Wisconsin and Potosi, Missouri, and also to the silver-mining town of Potosi, Nevada.



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