Day 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 – Sucre, Bolivia – Christmas 2011

Day 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 – Sucre, Bolivia – Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas to Everybody far and wide!

I was in luck, friends of my friend live in Sucre Bolivia and decided they would adopt me for the few days I was in town so I was not left alone over Christmas (Although I was barely alone in a hostel full of foreigners). But it was EXTREMELY exciting to celebrate Christmas in a different country with locals and experience it through others eyes.

Biggestest difference from Canadian Christmas?

Weather – It was 30 above and sunny in Sucre, Bolivia! I am used to about a metre of snow and some temperature below 0!

Day 20 – Everything else during Bolivian Christmas had similarities to my normal Canadian Christmas with my family. On the 24th with about 25 others in the hostel, we bought fresh food from the market and cooked a giant bbq on the grill in the hostel. In the evening, Claudia picked me up, gave me three presents (So happy to receive presents on Christmas! I was not expecting!) of Chocolate, chocolate, and a charm, and then we headed to her aunt´s house for Christmas dinner with her family. Claudia´s family is very special; one third Bolivian, one third Brazilian, one this Suisse. This means that the majority of the night was spoken in Portuguese or German. Which was quite a change from the Spanish I was learning! But it was amazing to experieince such an international Christmas!

Day 21 – On Christmas Day I slept in. Why not its Christmas! Then in the afternoon Claudia picked me up again and we went to another friend, Janneth´s, house. With 5 of us, we enjoyed hot chocolate, cookies, cakes, and all sorts of other delicious snacks. We played jenga and twister, and afterwards, they taught me traditional Bolivian christmas dances! It was such a joyful way to spend Christmas. Laughing and learning with good food and especially good company!

Day 22 – On boxing day, Dec 26th, I wandered the streets of Sucre with two of the girls from the hostel. The city of Sucre is certainly a beautiful one. With its many churchs on every corner, and its beautiful buildings, you can´t help but enjoy the atmosphere. We ate lunch, tacos!, and then in the evening I hoped on an overnight bus to La Paz.

Sucre – a place to come back to!


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