Day 23, 24, 25 – La Paz, Bolivia

Day 23, 24, 25 – La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is built in the walls of a canyon. All the buildings are perched precariously and you really hope an earth quake never hits the city because I feel it would completely crumble. As you drive through the city you feel like you are on a giant roller coaster without the safe guards of a seat belt or extremely breaks. Riding in a bumping bus through the EXTREMELY steep and windy streets, it definitely puts your stomach in your throat. So be warned!

Ladies on the strees in La Paz, Bolivia

But otherwise – the city is quite a lovely place. My hostel was on Sagarnaga Street which is parallel to shopping streets lined with llama sweaters and colourful bags, and about 2 blocks from the witchs market! I enjoyed the area. I wandered the streets for the first two days, amazed at the twisty, windy streets, which have no order to them, but the chaos is extremely fascinating, and the hustle and bustle of the people going about their daily lives was enough excitement for me. I didn´t need to see much, I just enjoyed the spirit of the city, and in all honestly, it was difficult to walk constantly because at 4,000 masl, and with steep inclines, after about 3 blocks up I was huffing and puffing. So I took it slow.

I bought my madatory postcards, and I found a beautiful painting in one of the stores. I got my fix of souvenirs in La Paz.

On my last day in La Paz, with me being obsessed with Ruins, Instead of remaining in the city, I took a day tour to Tiwanaku. It is 2 hours North West of La Paz and is an ancient temple. Although there really is nothing left of the temple to resemble a temple in any way shape or form. They have re-built entire buildings but apparently not to the original design of the buildings. Overall, I liked the day tour, and it was nice to visit, but I really wouldn´t recommend anybody making an exception to go here over something else – it is really only for those who truly love ruins and history, even if the ruins barely still exist!

Next up – Lake Titicaca – Copacabana and Isla del Sol (island of the sun)


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