Day 26 – Copacabana, Bolivia

Day 26 – Copacabana, Bolivia

*Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl*     wait….wrong Copacobana…

Church in Copacabana

I am Not in the famous Copacabana sung about by Barry Manilow…I am still in Bolivia – but I think this Copacabana could have a song too!

It is a tiny little town. With a stunning church and a pleasent feria (market). I like it´s easiness. If you enter the Plaza all you hear is ¨La Paz/Puna/Cuzco Bus¨ – So I avoid there. I prefer the quiet. I wandered aimlessly down back streets and locals looked at me funny – I suppose most tourists don´t leave the plaza vacinity.

The city is craddled by to hills. I wanted to climb up the lookout, but it is rainy season and alas – it rained all morning and night. So, instead of waiting for a sunny day and spending a few days in Copacabana as planned, I booked my boat to Isla del Sol (Sun Island) for the next afternoon.

what a happy little place

Prior to my boat, I met 5 Argentinian boys in my hostel. We spent the morning playing cards. They taught me a game – Something that started with a T with a special deck of cards – and I taught them Euchre. What? You dont know what Euchre is? That is because you are not a senior citizen – whereas I am 75 at heart. 🙂 The boys didn´t want to play with me anymore- no matter what game I played (Both these games you have a partner), I was on a lucky streak and kept winning. Even when I really did not know what I was doing. Go Figure.

Off to Island Life for NEW YEARS!


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