Day 27 – Isla del Sol, Bolivia – Happy New Years 2012

Day 27 – Isla del Sol, Bolivia – Happy New Years 2012

Sun Island eh? Due to rainy season, this name is only true from 11:00 -19:00. That is ok. I still managed to walk the entire Island in this short time frame, AND visit a few ruins.

View in the North of Isla del Sol

I stayed in the southern part of Isla del Sol. Something people don´t often tell you: The island has 500 something stairs to get to the top. And at 4,200 masl and a 12kg bag on your back – this may cause serious moral damage as you will need to stop every 10 steps since youre lungs feel like they are going to burst. No, I am not THAT lazy – there is just no oxygen in the air! It is tough and you may want to cry, but with the 20 other backpackers all huffing and puffing along side you – you can laugh it off, and feel pure joy when you FINALLY (aka 45 minutes later) reach the top of the island.

Isla del Sol is stunning. It is a beautiful place to stay, relax, and celebrate new years.

I did not plan ahead. I just bought my boat ticket and show up on Dec 31st hoping to find a decently priced hostel. ERRRRRRR wrong. not possible. the island is booked up solid. I met a boy, who let me stay at his aunts house. I had a bed with blankets in a dry room. no bathroom, no water. 80 Bolivianos ($12 CAD). Damn. Lesson Learned. Dont go to a popular island on new years unprepared. Atleast it was only $12 CAD.

So New Years on Isla del Sol? What did I do? I ate dinner with 4 strangers at a pìzza joint and the Swedish guy entertained us with his history of drug abuse (talk about sobering), and then I went to the local bar which was blasting music, shared a few drinks and a few laughs. At 12:05 I went back to my room and slept (talk about a party pooper). Sorry folks – I am not the partying type, and even less so when it is pouring rain and the floor of the bar had 3cm of rain already and flooding…..not my cup of tea. I enjoyed the cheers, and the Happy New Years chants and slept like a baby the rest of the night.

New Years resolution? Nahh….but I do have plans to do amazing on my GMAT test in March as well as to keep up this weight loss when I return to Canada on the 25th of January. I wont feel I´ve broken a promise to myself is I simply say it is not a Resolution.


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