Day 32 – Puno, Peru – Sillustani Funeral Towers

Day 32 – Puno, Peru – Sillustani Funeral Towers

I love all things ruins. Everything. If it is old, crumbling, and fantastic; I normally have to make a trip to see it. Thus – I spent an afternoon wandering around the Sillustani Funeral towers in Puno, Peru. I felt they deserved their own day. And they did. Not only for the ruins, but for the surrounding scenery which is breathtaking. Even more so with a storm rollling in. (Storms are great from a far – as long as no rain touches me!)

So I hopped onto a tour – easiest and cheapest way there. I don´t really need the guide because I am somebody who reads a lot about sights and cities on my own prior to visiting. but the guide was really entertaining – so I payed him some mind. (The tour cost me $4 CAD – less than a bus on my own – can´t hurt to listen)

He pointed out a few things I would NEVER notice on my own – a lizard carved out of the stone -which in my opinion, I would not of noticed because you really need to use your imagination to see the lizard after the years of degradation of the rock.

The Towers are the pre-Incan burial grounds. They are essentially tombs. Carved in the traditional Incan style with the incredible stone work – perfect 90 degree angles. It is a sight.

Next up: Arequipa!


One thought on “Day 32 – Puno, Peru – Sillustani Funeral Towers

  1. I too really love the scenery around that area…I can see why they would have chosen that spot to bury their dead. And that “hidden” lake on the other side of the hill? When I saw that, I was just like, “WOW”.

    Thanks for visiting and liking the 5 Free Things to do in Cusco. If you are planning on visiting Lima, there is a great list of 10 free things to do in Lima, posted by a fellow Peru blogger. You can check it out here:

    Enjoy your trip and savor the food! 🙂

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