Day 38 – The Sacred Valley Ruins, Peru

Day 38 – The Sacred Valley Ruins, Peru

Through the Sacred Valley I go. From Cuzco to Pisac and Back….walking…

So, Since I am obsessed with Ruins, Peru is perfect for me. There are tons of ruins near to Cuzco, but the best and closest are those in Pisac (Of course discluding Mahu Picchu – the god of ruins in Peru). So I hopped on a shared taxi and headed to Pisac on the incredibly windy road for 1.5hrs. Pisac has a giant market and the Ruins. That suits me just fine: with a Ruin obsession and a shopping addiction- this city may just of been made for me.

We met some Brazilians and the 5 of us shared a taxi up the mountain to the ruins. I feel no need to save the $0.25 CAD and hike for 2 hours in the scorching heat. I am not THAT cheap. Some may be – that is fine – I am not.

THe one thing about Peru Ruins in the requirement to pay for the Boleto Turistico (Tourist Ticket). This ticket enables you to enter many ruins and sights around and within the Sacred Valley – one problem – it costs 130 Peruvian Soles ($50 CAD). Yikes thats steep. But for a Ruin lover such as myself – I make due (Ps. This does NOT include Machu Picchu price).

I spent about 3 hours in the Ruins. They were huge. I walked back and forth and jumped from one shady spot to the next in an attempt to save my precious skin my cancer. I probably looked like a robber or like I was playing Hide-and-Seek with an invisible friend.

Next we caught a bus down the hill and out of town. We were on a ruins only day. Next up was TamboMachay. 3 Soles and 40 minutes later we arrived. It is a waterfall – I was less impressed but still pleased.

Next up was Pukapukara – across the street from Tambomachay. Then I headed straight to Sasayhuaman (Reads like Sexy Woman) at the top of cuzco with a view to Cristo Blanco (White Christ).

Next up: Ollantaytambo & Aguas Calientes!


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