Day 42 & 43 – Santa Teresa, Peru – Zip-lining!

Day 42 & 43 – Santa Teresa, Peru – Zip-lining!

Welcome to the highest zip-line in South America!

After Machu Picchu, I did not want to go back to way I came in, so I caught a train going to the Hydroelectric station 45 minutes outside of Aguas Calientes, and headed into Santa Teresa. This is the only way you can hop a bus our of Machu Picchu.

I’d heard from other travelers that Santa Teresa had the highest zip-line in South America with stunning views. So I decided to stay a night and explore. Another amazing benefit to this little city in the middle of the mountains? The thermal pools 4km outside of town for 5 Sole ($2 CAD) that are open 24/7. Upon entering Santa Teresa and finding a a bed at one of the random stays in town, I caught a cab and headed to the thermal pools for some rest and relaxation. Excellent choice – after about 2 hours in the pools I did not have a muscle left in my body that was not 100% relaxed. Saying this, returning to my hostel at 19:00 and laying in bed resulting in me falling fast asleep by 19:01 and waking up 12 hours later! Guess I really WAS relaxed.

The next day I had a 15:00 bus to Cuzco to catch, so at 08:00 I headed to Cola de Mono zip-lining which is 5km outside of town. I had to wait until half past for some tour groups to arrive to all go together; and who would of guessed it, the tour group was one of the groups I had met at the thermal pools the day before. I love running into people I’ve already met.

So we all put our harnesses, helmets, and gloves up and started hiking. We had to climb up the mountain for about 25 minutes to arrive at the first zip-line. What – A – View! I would not of minded just hanging out at the top there with the cool breeze and the fantastic view. But nope – It was time to hurdle myself across the highest zip-line in South America! Times like these I am so thankful I do not have a weak stomach nor am I afraid of heights. This is definitely a potential pants pooping situation – and with the looks of terror on some of the other peoples faces – I figured it might actually happen! Alas it did not, but I did have a blast crossing the canyon from on side to the other 6 times! What a rush. So happy I made the stop over in Santa Teresa!

Next Up: Huacachina, Peru

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