Day 44, 45, 46 & 47 – Huacachina, Peru – Sandboarding and Relaxing

Day 44, 45, 46 & 47 – Huacachina, Peru – Sandboarding and Relaxing

I have come to realize – Out of all the landscapes I can be in – I love the desert the best!

I arrived in Huacachina, Peru only planning on staying 2 nights. I stayed almost 4. This little oasis in the desert that takes 5 minutes to walk around kept me enthralled for 4 days. Whatever did I do?

I booked myself into the Banana Hostel. I made the right decision. The place had palm trees all around and inviting hammocks demanding to be relaxed in. I obeyed. I plopped my butt down in a hammock and spent the afternoon reading on my Kindle alternating between hammocks in and out of the sun. It was the best way I would of spent the entire day….or 3…. But the other two days I alternated between Hammock in sun, Hammock out of sun, and POOOOOL.

One of the major attractions of Huacachina, Peru is the sand boarding and dune buggy opportunities available. You get in the colourful dune buggys and you are driven around the dunes – at incredibly high speeds – and up and down incredibly steep slopes. With my heart pounding I did let a few girly screams out in excitement.

Turns out, having a background in snowboarding does not help in sandboarding all that much. Yes its a board, but the problem with the sandboards are, the feet straps are not boots with strong support. They are little velcro straps. That tiny feet and tiny shoes like mine do not stay in for very long. But, the balance on the sandboard was the same. The sandboards require waxing on the bottom the same as snowboards, but the wax wears off very quickly – at one point I was making my way down the hill and cam to an abrupt stop – still angled downward quite steeply. I even tried to make the board go by jumping around but no such luck, I was stuck, and my attempts only received laughter from all the people on my tour group. I rolled the rest of the way down the hill because that seemed like more fun than walking.

What not to do before going into the dessert?

  1. Put on sunscreen – not only does the sand not STICK to you, but when you rub your face you get BOTh sunscreen AND sand in your eyes. And it STICKS.
  2. Wear shoes and not expect them to fill with sand. Think of it as carrying 5kg of sandweights on your ankles. It is good exercise.
  3. Wear shorts. Sand burn hurts like you just ran into the pavement for fun.

I stayed 4 days because I loved the heat, the sun, the sand, and the people I met.

Note: Peruvian woman wear coca-cola on their skin as a tanning enhancer. I thought I would try it and make these white thighs nice and tanned before leaving. It does not work. But it DOES speed up the burning process. I look like a tomato. Peruvian Tip FAIL. I am not in pain and can’t roll over. Life Lesson Learned.

Up next: Paracas, Peru & Islas Ballastas

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