Day 48 & 49 – Paracas & Islas Ballistas, Peru

Day 48 & 49 – Paracas & Islas Ballistas, Peru

Islas Ballistas is said to be the Poor Man’s Galapagos….I saw Birds, Penguins, Sealions, and suffocated myself on the smell of guano….But….The animals were so incredibly PRETTY! But I am an animal lover through and through.

I took a tour out of Huacachina. The price was cheaper than what I would pay on my own for the bus from Huacachina – Paracas + the tour. So, for simplicity sake – I took a tour which left Huachina bright and early – 6am. Took just over an hour drive, and they loaded us all directly onto a boat for our 2 hour tour of the islands.

The tour was very informative, but an assault on my nasal cavities. But just look at all those sealions! They are absolutely adorable. They were making all these noises, and a few looked like they were dancing, swaying back and forth, belting out a melody! It was a very cheerful sight.

After my tour, I ate lunch on a seaside patio, and booked myself into a hostel. I spent the afternoon and the following day meandering around the city, which is extremely tiny, talking to store owners, and simply watching the boats come and go out of the harbour.

While I was reading on top of my hostel roof, I heard shouts in unison. I peaked my head over the edge and spotted a parade, but turned out to be a protest. The signs were to the effect of  “No Tourists, The marina is Ours”. Apparently they did not want me there. The protest was small, only about 40 people. I stayed up top and watched from above as they gathered in the centre square and continued to yell and shout trying to get more people to join. Problem is – the majority of people IN Paracas ARE tourists, and most were non-spanish speakers, They just glanced at the people chanting and smiled. They walked away shouting their catch phrases about 30 minutes later.

Up Next: Lima, Peru

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