About Me

From a Small town to a Global Citizen.

Born: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

  • Population: 110,000
  • Pride: Outdoor Beauty
  • Pity: No jobs and No government support
  • Preoccupation: elementary school & high school

Life Changer: Neuchatel Switzerland

  • Population: 32,770
  • Pride: The Castles
  • Pity: I haven’t been back since 2006
  • Preoccupation: High school french language exchange

Currently: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Population: 12,988,000
  • Pride: Tango
  • Pity: Dog Poop – Everywhere
  • Preoccupation: Job at AIESEC
Why I Travel?

The more countries I experience – the more I realize – I love to be engulfed in countries, cultures, and traditions. It is not a race to a certain number of countries or a certain number of sights – it is about living in a country and having a life there. I’ve lived in Thunder Bay Canada, Ottawa Canada, Neuchatel Switzerland, Bangkok Thailand, Davao City Philippines, and currently I live in Buenos Aires Argentina. I’ve traveled for school exchange programs and for work. Of course I still wander to surrounding countries, but I love to live a life there – not just tick the destination off a travel list. And my favourite part about traveling? The reason I keep it up? To meet new people and reunite with old friends. It is the people I meet and I become good friends with that always keep me excited about traveling, moving, experiencing, ultimately LIVING. Travel is apart of the life I choose to live and I love my life.


Thanks for Reading



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