Shanghai Layover

So, I had a 10 hour layover in Shanghai, China on my return flight to Bangkok from Tokyo, Japan…..I have a friend name Jerry who lives in Shanghai who previously lived with me in 2008 for a summer while doing an AIESEC CEED in Ottawa. So he came to the airport to hangout with me. BUT I was sad because I did NOT have time to get a Chinese Visa before so was thinking I could NOT visit Shanghai during my layover…..well EVER so CONVENIENTLY….the Pu Dong Int’l Airport Transfer terminal was under construction….so i went through immigration and security and then they let all the transfers out into the regular departures section to just come BACK through immigration and security to re-enter the airport. Well, If I am let into the regular airport unaccompanied…..what is stopping me from sneaking into China for the day?!?! NOTHING! haha So Jerry and I walked out of the airport casually and off we went into the overcast day of Shanghai!!! πŸ˜€ hahah I wasnt caught so it is ALL good!! πŸ˜€ Jerry took me to the major sights of Shanghai including the EXPO2010, but gates were up so I could only see the pavilions from afar! Sad face! haha But I was still there! Then we just walked around all afternoon and went to the bridges of 9 turns, which actually used to be somebodys HOUSE! but then he died and it was given to the government and is now public and a shopping district! It was super cool to walk around in this area!!! Jerry took me for REAL Chinese food which is NOTHING like Mr.Chinese….for better or for worse….its hard to say….haha Real Chinese food is delicious but is just doesnt have that Uber greasy, hang-over cure, heart attack central, Lure about it!!! hahahah But delicious non the less! mm mm mm!! Food is good! hahah

Then I returned to the airport and went through security no questions asked! πŸ˜€

What a fantastic day in Shanghai China! All thanks to Jerry who is wonderful!!

Happy Days Folks!

Chrystal McKay

Ps. Returning to Bangkok heat from the FREEZING cold weather of both Japan and China is shocking. haha. It is just SO HOT here…you can hardly breath! But ohhh it feels SO good to sweat again and NOT have to wear 7 layers of shirts cause you dont have any thick sweaters!!! haha ❀