Lets Eat: Kyoto, Japan

Visiting Japan for 2 Weeks with friends- Amazing food at incredibly reasonable prices.

Does Japanese cuisine have more than Sushi? You bet it does! Japan has a wide assortment of food, but most of the food includes seafood and fish. If you are allergic or just do not like seafood or fish- you probably will not enjoy much more than Rice! Seafood served raw is sashimi, simmered in a pot, grilled over charcoal, or deep-fried is tempura -Japanese chefs have many ways to prepare fish and shellfish.

  • In one year, the average Japanese person eats slightly more than their own weight in seafood.
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Japan is Beautiful

So Japan is a beautiful country. The scenery, the people, the food! Everything is amazing here. 🙂

I went for 10 days from Friday April 9th til Mon April 19th. 🙂 I stayed at friends houses for the entire time I was in Japan. I avoided significant costs this way. While most people avoid Japan, or save it for later, due to money restraints, you cant either couch surf, or make some amazing friends who let you crash.

My travels were

9/10/11 – Tokyo
12/13/14 – Kyoto
15 – Nara
16 – Osaka
17/18/19 – Tokyo again.

I went to Japan to experience the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) session. These trees only blossom for about 1-2 weeks out of the entire year. So for me to be able to make it to Japan to see them was phenomenal! They were amazingly beautiful and they were EVERYWHERE! There are over 100 different varieties of Sakura, and I have pictures of about 5 different kinds. Read here to know about Sakura Types

My AIESEC friends Keita, Aki, Ayo, Kana, Kazu, and Shota all showed me around in their cities and showed me Japanese lifestyle. I ate meals with their families, slept in their homes, and I couldnt be more greatful to them for giving me that opportunity to experience ‘life’ in Japan! 🙂

I even went out and got fitted and purchased a Kimono while in Kyoto, which is the Kimono capital and a city where traditional Japanese culture is kept alive and well; with geisha’s and lots of girls in Kimonos. It was fantastic to see! Mind you, I do not have the body for a kimono. As Japanese woman are quiet slender – the kimonos look very lovely – on a “Round” type such as myself – the Kimono is somewhat Lumpy. But the fabrics, the design, and the bow on the back are my FAVOURITES. The obi on the back needs to be tied by other people, correct, other people who know how to tie it. It is NO easy feat! So, for now, my Kimono remains beautifully wrapped and packaged until I can return to this amazing country and wear it for a fancy event.

Ps. Japanese food is to DIE for! Sushi, Udon, and Japanese Pancakes! mm Mm!!! 🙂 If I lived there I would get so fat! haha but certainly I would be HAPPY! Read the Full post About Japanese Cuisine Here.

Some of my most memorable activities in Japan were:

  • Having a traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto
  • Singing karaoke until 6AM when the train service starts again
  • Watch school girls feed the deer in Nara paper and watching the deer chomping away
  • My friend Keita’s father taking us out for Sushi, having the most amazing Sushi chef who gave me peace signs!
  • Seeing the golden temple and wandering around Kyoto’s temples by myself for the day – Simply wandering with no aim or end.
  • Spotting a fully dressed Geisha in Kyoto
  • Getting to experience how truly technologically advanced Tokyo, and Japan, truly Is!
  • Shota and I running around trying to get in pictures with the girls dressed in maid outfits (Who don’t like you to take their photos)
  • Going to a Maid cafe – and having Shota admit he’s never go there alone but since I’m a foreigner he was doing it “for me”. haha He always wanted to go and now had an Excuse. We took a few secret photos which are banned.
  • Going to the Aquarium in Osaka
  • Sitting under the Sakura for a day and just relaxing in the pink heaven