Flying: Getting from Point A to Point B cheaply

I am always on the lookout for cheap flights around the world. I will admit, I constantly check airlines, and random routes to see the cheapest way possible to get there. I look for deals, and I look for amazing deals to obscure locations. This is especially when thinking of my next big adventure. Where do I want to go? Anywhere I get to cheaply.

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Life Line: The Guia “T” and Mapa

The Guia “T”. What is that? It is your Buenos Aires physical life line. Everybody has one – and you should too.

Mapa.BuenosAires.Gov.Ar. What is that? It is your Buenos Aires Virtual life line. Every uses it – and you should too.

Guia T is a pun meaning Guide Yourself. And that is exactly what you will do. Instead of being intimidated by the Buenos Aires bus system – stop at any of the newspaper stands you see at all corners, ask for a Guia “T” (Gee-Ah Tea) 2011. And you have now saved yourself a lot of time, trouble, worries, and stress.

This handy little book is a little map of the city, with corresponding bus lines going from each area to the other areas.

But how do you use it?

    1. The White pages at the front (pg. 4-23) are where you look up Street Name, Address, and Section to find the proper Map. (Oui Oui Cafe – Nicaragua 6068 – Pg. 17 – Map 8 – Section A4)
    2. Turn to said Map and find proper Section (Map 8 – A4).
    3. Look at Left hand Page at Section A4 where it lists all Buses that are in that Section. (39-41-57-60-67-68-152-161-194)
  1. Keep your Finger on this page
  2. Next, look up your destination Street Name, Address, and Section to find that map. (Casa Rosada – 25 de Mayo – Pg. 23 – Map 17 – Section C4)
  3. Turn to said Map and find the proper Section (Map 17- Section C4)
  4. Look at Left hand Page at Section C4 where it lists all Buses that are in that Section. (6-22-24-26-28-29-33-50-56-61-62-64-74-86-91-93-105-111-126-130-140-143-152-159-180-195)
  5. Now you see switch buses over lap – In this case it is Bus number 152.
  6. Go the white pages at the back of the book and look up bus number 152 to determine its route.  In this case – You catch the bus on Santa Fe Av. and get off on Rivadavia or when you see the pretty pink Casa Rosada!
Now in this instance – I realize it would just be easier to catch to Subway – But – the subway shuts down at night and is not safe late into the evenings – so this Guia T will really help.
So what is this Well it in the interactive online travel map of Buenos Aires city. It is all in Spanish – but you click the middle button “Como Llegar”. In “Desde” type your current location and in “Haste” type your destination and Press the Search Button on the Right. It will give you multiple options with travel times along the side. Simply click the shortest duration time and it will show you the route and where to catch the bus/subway/train.
Ps. Mendoza 1677 is the location of an AMAZING Asian grocery store where you can find all of the Western delights you might start to miss. Such as: Peanut Butter, Spices, Teriyaki and other Sauces, Cranberry/Grape Juices. As well as having an amazing selection of Asian food imports!
Both of these resources will make your life and travels in Buenos Aires 100% easier. No more taxis – which although cheap – do add up – and you can experience the busses which are an extremely great system!

My top 20 things I want to do/see in South America

Whenever I go somewhere new – I do a lot of research, before, during, and sometimes after – about what to do, where to go, all the adventures I could have. There are always very specific things I want to do. Sometimes – they are the top tourist destinations/sights – other times – I’ve done so much research and read so many other blogs – I find out about very different sights and activities I can do!

So – Here are my top 20 things I want to do/see in South America (in no Order)

1. Macchu Piccu, Peru

2. Salt Flats, Bolivia

3. Easter Island, Chile

4. Valparaiso cable car rides, Chile

5. Snorkel in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

6. Visit the Jesuit Settlements in NE Argentina & Paraguay (√ completed Sept 3, 2011)

7. Bike around the wineries and Enjoy the wine in Mendoza, Argentina

8. Visit Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil (√ Completed Sept 2, 2011)

9. Shop the Otavalo Market, Ecuador

10. Explore the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, Peru

11. Go sand boarding and 4x4ing in Huacachina, Peru

12. See Sea Lions and Penguins, Uruguay

13. Explore the Atacama Desert, North Chile

14. Wander the colourful streets of Cartagena, Colombia

15. Celebrate Carnival in Corrientes, Argentina

16. Visit the 365 Churches in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

17. Wander the colonial city of Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay

18. Shop in the The Witches’ Market in La Paz

19. Take a relaxing bath and explore in Banos, Ecuador

20. Watch the turtles during egg-laying season in Galibi Nature Reserve, Suriname

Hilarity of Spanish to English translations

So – as my life goes on – and I continue to work half English half Spanish – more hilarity ensues.

Direct translations are never good ones. Languages just dont work this way. but sometimes – I must translate as I just cannot understand.


Nati Writes:
siempre se caracterizaron por encontrarle la quinta pata al gallo

Direct Translation:
always characterized by the fifth leg to find the rooster

Real Translation is a Spanish saying:
They always find something wrong or something to complain about

Another One:
The other day I am sitting on the bus – looking at all the buildings go by – what else is there to do on a bus right? Well – I notice a restaurant- Name of this Restaurant? ARRUFAT. Now all I read is: Are You Fat. haha Not a translation error but a funny English reading.

How to Ask for One More Beer in 50 Languages – StumbleUpon

How to Ask for One More Beer in 50 Languages – StumbleUpon.


Language Spelling Phonetic Pronunciation
Afrikaans Een meer bier, asseblief /
Nog ‘n bier, asseblief (more common)
Een mear bie-er, ah-seh-bleef /
Noch ehn bie-er, ah-seh-bleef
Albanian Edhe një birrë, të lutem Edhe nye bi-re, too luh-tehm
Arabic (Egypt) واحد بيرة كمان من فضلك Wahid beera kaman min fadlak
Armenian (Western) Ուրիջ մեկ պիրա, հաձիս
Ourish meg bira, hajis
Ourish meg bira, hajis
Basque Beste garagardo bat, mesedez Beh-ste –aragar-doh bag, mehshedez
Bavarian No a bia, gäh san’s so guad /
No oans, gäh san’s so guad
No a be-a gah san s-so gu-ad /
No o-ans gah san s-so gu-ad
Bosnian Molim vas, još jedno pivo /
Još jedno pivo, molim
Moh-leem vuhs, yosh yedno pivo /
Yosh yedno pivo, mohleem
Burmese Beer ta buu htut pay bar Beer ta buu htut pay bar
Catalan Una altra cervesa, si us plau Una altra ser-ve-sa, see oos plow
Chamorro Un setbesa ta’lo, fan /
Un setbesa mas, put fabot
Un set-beh-sa tah-lo, fan /
Un set-beh-sa moss, put fah-bot
Chinese (Mandarin) 请 再来一瓶啤酒
qǐng zài lái yī píng pí jiǔ /
tsing zai lie ee ping pee geo
zài lái yī píng pí jiǔ
Tsing dzai lie ee ping pee geo /
Dzai lai ee ping pee gee-oh
Croatian Molim vas, dajte mi jos jedno pivo (formal) /
Još jedno pivo (informal)
Moh-leem vuhs, duhte me yosh yehd-no pee-voh /
Yosh yehd-no pee-voh
Czech Ještě jedno pivo, prosím Yehsh-tyeh yehd-now pih-voh, proh-seem
Danish En øl til, tak Een oel til, tack
Dutch Nog één biertje, graag Nog een beer-t, grahg
Estonian Üks õlu veel, palun /
Veel üks õlu, palun
Ooks ur-loo vehl, pah-lun /
Vehl ooks ur-loo, pah-lun


Language Spelling Phonetic Pronunciation
Filipino/Tagalog Isang beer pa po Eeh-sang beer pah po
Finnish Vielä yksi olut, kiitos (kiitos is polite, but not always needed) Viela uks oh-lut, key-tos
Flemish Nog een bierke alsjeblieft Nog een beer-keh all-sye-bleeft
French Une autre bière s’il vous plaît Oon o – tra bee yehr see voo play
German Noch ein Bier, bitte Noch ein beer, bit-uh
Greek άλλη μια μπύρα, παρακαλώ
Ali mia beera parakalo
Ah-lee me-a bee-ra pah-rah-kah-lo
Hebrew אוד בירה אחת בבקשה Od beera akhat bevakasha
Hindi Ek aur biyara chahiye Ek aur bi-ya-ra cha-hi-ye
Hungarian Kérek szépen még egy sört (formal) /
Egy sört kérek (informal)
Keyrek say-pen may egye shirt /
Egye shirt keyrek
Icelandic Annan bjór, takk Ann-an bee-yor, tack
Irish Beoir eile, le do thóil Byor el-eh, leh doh hul
Italian Un’altra birra per favore Oon al-trah bee-rah, pehr fahv-oh-ray
Japanese ビール もういっぱい お願いします
biiru mou ippai onegaishimasu (in a glass) /
ビール もう一本 お願いします biiru mou ippon onegaishimasu (in a bottle)
Bee-ru moe eep-pie oh-neh-guy-she-mahs /
Bee-ru moe eep-pie eep-pon oh-neh-guy-she-mahs
Korean 맥주 한 병 더 주세요
Mekju han byung du juseyo (in a bottle)
Mek-ju han byung du ju-seyoh
Latvian Vēl vienu alu, lūdzu Vehl vi-eh-nu uh-lu, loo-dzoo
Lithuanian Dar vieną alaus, prašom Dar viena alous, prashom
Macedonian Уште едно пиво, ќе ве молам Ushte edno pivo, kye ve molam
Mongolian Dahiad neg shar airag Dah-iad neg shar ar-ag


Language Spelling Phonetic Pronunciation
Norwegian En øl til, takk /
En pils til, takk
En oel til, tack /
En pills til, tack
Polish Poproszę jeszcze jedno piwo /
Jeszcze jedno piwo proszę
Poprohsheh yesh-teh yedno pee-vo /
Yesh-teh yedno pee-vo prohsheh
Portuguese Mais uma cerveja, por favor Myees uma cerveja, pohr fah-vohr
Romanian Încă o bere, vă rog Inkha o behre, vah rogh
Russian Еще одно пиво /
Еще пива, пожалуйста
Esche ad’no piva /
Esche piva, pajaloosta
Serbian Još jedno pivo, molim Yosh yedno pivo, mohleem
Slovenian Še eno pivo, prosim She eno peevo, proseem
Spanish Otra cerveza por favor Oo-trah sair-bay-sa por fah-bor
Swedish En öl till, tack /
Jag tar en öl till, tack (more formal)
En uhl teel, tackh /
Ya tar en uhl teel, tackh
Thai Kho beer eek kaew ka (for women) /
Kho beer eek kaew krab (for men)
Ko beer ik kae kaw /
Ko beer ik kae krab
Turkish Bir bira daha lütfen Bir bira da-ha luet-fen
Vietnamese Cho một bia nữa Cho mo’oht bee-ah neu’uh
Welsh Un cwrw’n fwy, os gwelwch yn dda Un corwn foo-ee, os gwel-ookh un tha
Xhosa Ndiphe obunye utywala futhi Ndip-he obun-je uc-wala futhi
Yoruba J Ọ, fun mi l’ Ọ tí kan si Jaw, foon me law tea con see
Zulu Nye ningi utshwala JNee nin-gi ut-sch-wala


So what is AIESEC? and what do I do?

In the past 5 years I have developed myself into a global minded citizen. I attended youth impact conferences with 300 delegates in Toronto, Ottawa, and Taiwan. I have traveled to the Philippines to work in organizational design and currently live in Argentina and am the corporate sales manager for Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. I have recruited a graduates from Brazil, India, Poland, China, and Colombia to work in Ottawa, Canada. Currently, I work on a 9 person team with other internationals from Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Austria, and the US. I have twice facilitated a 200 person, three day regional youth conference. I will help to create, facilitate, and raise corporate sponsors for a 500 Person, Latin American conference to be held in Santiago Chile in March 2012. I have connected with hundreds of people through business ideas, leadership thoughts, dancing, drinking and laughter.

I am part of a team with 8 dedicated colleagues who accomplish regional and international achievements. My personal network now includes like-minded individuals from Brazil, India, Philippines, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, and Germany to name a few. I am supported by my University’s Co-op program, my University’s business school, our international business program, Human Resources and Social Development Canada, Canada Immigration, CEO’s of local businesses, and my friends and family.

If you want this experience, or more, then make some time to ask about AIESEC.

(*Spiel stolen from my wonderful friend Carson who is in India currently*)