Buenos Aires Dog Walkers

If you’ve ever been to Buenos Aires, You’ve been walking along the streets, enjoying the sights and sounds of this MASSIVE metropolitan, when all of a sudden you step on a loose  stone in the sidewalk and you are sprayed with a wet substance. Ew nasty. And then it dons on you, it hasn’t rained in 2 weeks. Yes, you’ve just experienced you’re first dog urine wash. Really brightens your day those do!

In Buenos Aires, Argentina you will mainly notice the Sheer number of Canines on the streets. They are not wandering freely – they are being walked in groups of 10 by the Dog Walkers: known as “Passaperros”. The abundance of animals is a cause for concern. Some facts:

  • Every day, 400.000 canines deposit 68 metric tons of poop and 120.000 litres of urine in the streets, sidewalks, and parks in the capital city.

Doesn’t sound like a Paris of South America anymore now DOES it?

The Dog Walker's helper

Big Dogs, Little Dogs, And everything inbetween!

The city HAS tried to regulate the profession. City authorities have limited the dog walkers to 10 animals at a time. But it is not the fault of the dog walkers for the satanic piles of poop on the streets. The dog walkers are quiet clean and pick up after their canine friends, it is the owners, who do not clean up after their animals. It is bad enough that the owners have poor relationships with their animals, but it is good that the dog walkers have a great relationship with them.

So is there a solution? Will you one day be able to walk and enjoy the city sights instead of watching the sidewalks and playing “hop the heap”? Its hope the heap AND don’t step on the crack, since some I hope so. But with the current loose enforcement of the city laws, the game will continue for a while.