Bed Supper Club!

Hello Friendfolks!

a few nights ago a bunch of us went to a club called Bed Supper Club. Now why do they call it this? Well because earlier in the evening they serve you dinner in bed, which is expensive but delicious apparently, and then later it is a Club….that has beds everywhere! hhaha Now, While I was there I did not see anything inappropriate on said beds, but I was there early and left early as well.

Bed Supper club offers ladies night every first Wednesday of the month! Means no cover and 3 free drinks! Which is a steal since drinks are expensive at this club – $10 a drink. BRUTAL! haha Catch is you have to get there before 11 and drink your dirnks before 11. So we arrived at 10:45PM. I ordered all three of my tequila sunrises at once since they stop serving free drinks after 11 too, so I ordered em up, and drank em down. too bad they were half shot drinks. haha Otherwise it may of taken some effect. No such luck. Just some tasty orange juice really!!

But the club is filled with Beds, which were funny to hang around on. They played bad techno on one side of the bar, and Latino style music on the other. So we were on the Latino side, but that is hard to dance to if you are untalented – WHICCCH I most CERTAINLY am…..untalented that is. hahha. So we were on the floor, attempting to move gracefully, but really all I wanted was some Lady Gaga to come on. HAHHA. So we left fairly early!! Below are some pictures from the club 🙂

And that was my night!

Cheerio Folks!