Lets Eat: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Living in Buenos Aires are 8 Months – you find some GREAT places to eat and enjoy.

So what is Argentine cuisine include? Beef Beef and more Beef. Basically. Argentina is known for the amazing quality Beef.

  • Argentine annual consumption of beef has averaged 100 kg (220 lbs) per capita.
Are you convinced about the Beef Yet?

Also, the food is highly influence from the strong Italian and Spanish decent of the majority of the population. There is nothing more innately Argentinian than the Asado (BBQ Meat). But some more of the traditional foods (aka list of Meat types) include:

  • Chorizo (pork sausage)
    Asado Argentino
  • Morcilla (blood sausage)
  • Chinchulines (chitterlings)
  • Mollejas (sweetbread)
  • Milanesas – Breaded and fried meat (schnitzel)
  • Empanadas (stuffed pastries)
  • Pizza
  • Fideos, Tallarines, ñoquis, ravioles and canelones (Pastas)
  • Medialunas (Croissants)
And for Dessert?



  • Dulce de Leche – Sweet Milk – somewhat similar to Caramel. (Goes on EVERYTHING)
  • Alfajores – Sandwiched shortbread cookies with dulche de leche between
  • Helada – Ice cream! As delicious if not better than “gelato” from Italy
To Drink?
  • Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine – With a famous Wine region like Mendoza, if you’re not taking advantage of the cheap delicious wine – you’re missing out!
  • Mate – a type of loose leaf tea (yerba mate) shared communally in a cup, and drank through a straw (bombilla)
  • Quilmes Beer – national beer – cheap and not all that bad either

Yes, I do not eat Beef or Pork, which means I am missing a SUBSTANTIAL portion of the Argentina cuisine, But none the less, Here is a list of some of the places I’ve been and I’ve loved!

  • Cocina Sunae –  South East Asian Food (Closed Door Restaurant: cocinasunae.blogspot.com) $$$
  • Ceviche – Peruvian/Japanese Fusion Food (Costa Rica 5644) $$$ (could be $$$$)
  • Chan Chan – Peruvian Food (Hipolito Yrigoyen 1390) $
  • Oui Oui – Brunch/Lunch French Influenced Food (Nicaragua 6068 & 6099) $$
  • Sarkis – Middle Eastern Food (Thames 1101) $
  • Il Dallo del Mattone – Italian Food (Gorriti 5936) $
  • Fabrica del Taco – Mexican Food (Gorriti 5062) $
  • Osaka – Japanese Food (Solar 5608) $$$ (could be $$$$)

$ = 0 – 30 ARS      $$ = 31-65 ARS      $$$ = 66 – 100 ARS       $$$$ = Too Many  ARS

For more great restaurants, check out Guia Oleo for restaurant reviews. It is in Spanish, but just turn on your Auto Translate on your Browser.