Tatio Geysers, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Tatio Geysers? Holes in the ground that blow up white smoke right? RIGHT. haha No it is a little more complicated than that!

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Valle de La Luna, San Pedro de Atacama, Cile

The Valle de la Luna, or translated to Moon Valley.
Located in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. This is the driest desert in the world. What is this Moon Valley I speak of?

Relaxing at sunset. Valle de la Luna, San Pedro, Chile

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Day 1: Santiago de Chile

Day 1 SAA (South American Adventure): December 7/8, 2011

Saying goodbyes is never enjoyable – but I just never feel anything IS a goodbye. I think “I´ll see you again someday”. And I truly feel I will. I do not miss people and distance does not faze me – I know someday, somewhere, we´ll meet again. And with modern technology – I can keep in contact with everybody in teh mean time.

Leaving Santiago on my way to San Pedro de Atacama (Desert in the North of Chile)

Tur-Bus – 40.800 CLP – $82 CAD – 24 HRS

Take the underground subway in Santiago to Universidad de Santiago station, and right above in the central Santiago Bus terminal with the major bus companies such as Tur-Bus, Pullman, and the rest.

Where to Stay: Kaimana Inn – Easter Island, Chile

Entrance Sign to the Kaimana Inn

If you find yourself on Easter Island, and are asking yourself; Where should I stay where I can have an amazing experience, with incredible owners, and be in a great location? Look no further than the Kaimana Inn.

Their motto is: Our passengers arrive as tourists and leave as our friends. 

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Easter Island, Chile – Besides the Moai

So in Easter Island – Yes, of course you go to see the Moai – At sunrise, sunset, and all the time in between. But what else is there to do on this BEAUTIFUL island in the centre of the Pacific?

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Easter Island, Chile – WOW

Landing on this lovely spec of Earth - Rapa Nui

You know this place.

  • Easter Island – name by English Speakers
  • Isla de Pascua – name by Spanish Speakers
  • Rapa Nui – name by Polynesian and Locals

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Chile Adventure with Mother

Chile Chile Chile!


Santiago de Chile

Easter Island

Valparaiso / Vina del Mar

Santa Cruz Vineyards


Nov 19th 2011: Arrival to Santiago de Chile (Me flying in From Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Mother from Thunder Bay, Canada)

Nov 20th 2011 – nov 24th 2011: Easter Island

November 25th 2011 – November 26th 2011: Santiago de Chile

November 27th 2011 – November 30th 2011: Santa Cruz Vineyards

December 1st 2011 – December 4h 2011: Valparaiso & Vina del Mar

December 5th 2011: Departure from Santiago de Chile (Mother flys home to Canada and I remain in Santiago for 2 more weeks for work)


Sights by City


  • Museo Chileno De Arte Precolombino
  • Palacio de Belles Artes
  • Palacio Cousino
  • Cerro Santa Lucia
  • Cerro San Cristobal
  • Cementerio General
Easter Island
  • Ahu Tahai (3 restored ahu)
  • Ahu Tepeu (many fallen moai)
  • Ana Kakenga
  • Ahu Akivi (7 Moai facing the sea and the setting sun)
  • Anakena Beach
  • Ahu nau nau and Ahu Ature Huki
  • Ahu Tongariki (15 Moai for sunrise)
  • Rano Raraku (nursery of the moai in extinct volcano)
  • Orongo Ceremonial Village
Santa Cruz
  • wine wine and more wineries
  • Graffiti
  • Ascenores (gondola like things up the many hills)
  • colourful hourses