Day 28 & 29 – Isla del Sol, Bolivia

Day 28 & 29 – Isla del Sol, Bolivia

2 days on Isla del Sol – what to do? what to see? Why Ruins of Course!

Chincana Ruins in the North of Isla Sol, Bolivia

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Day 27 – Isla del Sol, Bolivia – Happy New Years 2012

Day 27 – Isla del Sol, Bolivia – Happy New Years 2012

Sun Island eh? Due to rainy season, this name is only true from 11:00 -19:00. That is ok. I still managed to walk the entire Island in this short time frame, AND visit a few ruins.

View in the North of Isla del Sol

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Koh Chang again!!

Oh Koh Chang! What a wonderful place!! πŸ™‚ Kayaking, Trekking, and waterfalls galore! πŸ™‚ Happy times! Geoff and I went together on Tuesday because it is exam week and thus we have Tuesday-Saturday off for vacation! We stayed at Jungle Way, the same palce I stayed at last time. I love it! and Geoff rented a motorbike for us – cause I cannot drive myself – and we toured the island for 3 days! Then everybody else basically showed up too!! So there were LOTS of exchangers around! But thennnn due to the political demonstrations that are currently occuring in Bangkok – they stole ammunition and grenades and such – my final exam on the Sunday was cancelled along with classes on monday/Tuesday! BUTTTT we didnt know about Mon/Tues until we arrived BACK in bangkok on Sunday evening!! DANG! hahah coulda spent two more days on the islandddd!! thats ok though i had a great time! πŸ™‚

Koh Chang!

I went to Koh Chang this weekend. It is an Island 5 hours East of Bangkok near the border of Cambodia. It was one of my best times I’ve had so far in Thailand!! I went solo mission to the island.

I stayed in a place called Jungle Way. The sign is above! They are stilted huts in the middle of the jungle!! Which is amazing!! So I wasnt on a beach, which is more expensive, and way more hot. I dont really enjoy spending hours on a beach, so the jungle was a better choir for me!! I met a whole bunch of people also staying there, a couple from France, and the girl, Nathalie, came to the animal foundation with me so it was great, and then two guys from Switzerland!! πŸ™‚ And Pet, one of the workers there, was a huge Bob Marley fan, dressing all Reggea and playing his guitar for us in the evenings as we sat around the table on cushions and did what Bob marley does best. It was great evenings with all these other travellers and hearing all their stories.

So, I went there since I heard about the Koh Chang Animal Foundation which has volunteer positions. And since we all know I Love animals….I went to help out. And I really really did!! The lady who runs the organization is named Lisa, and she is from New York, she operates the foundation off of donations and does most of her work for free. It was great. I was allowed to watch and slightly help with a dog neutering and 3 cat spays! Now that MAY sound really gross to some of you – but to me it was amazing because I always wanted to be a vet!! SO it was an amazing opportunity to learn about the profession on the surgical aspect, and an opportunity I could NOT receive in Canada without attending University for it!! SO I spent the day at the foundation with the animals. I spent the afternoon socializing with the kitties. πŸ™‚

In the evening Lisa invited me to attend a party with her, the party was mainly adults (40 plus with kids) so I didnt enjoy the party much, but the food was great, and I did not stay long. Other guys who volunteers, Justin from Colorado and Dan from Sweden, also left early, so we went out onto a pier and sat and watched the stars and chatted for awhile. It was nice to meet strangers.

Then Sunday I went to the Elephant Santuary! πŸ™‚ I just walked over by myself at 11AM and they told me it would be 1PM before I could start my ‘elephant experience’! I said that was fine, I would just lounge on the inviting hammocks and read a garfield comic book I found of a table. But 20 minutes later, they said I could go now cause other people bailed and I could spend a long time there since I was talking to them about me being a Thammasat Student! What advantages!! So I spent about 3 hours with the elephants!! I started out in the sultans chair with a driver for my elephant named Chorlie! But about 5 minutes in my driver jumped down and said I could come up and sit on the elephant and drive it myself!! It was amazing!! I just tapped with my right or left foot and Chorlie would move in that direction!! Yelling Who-Eh made Chorlie go faster. ahha but he didnt like when I said that and he would blow air at me from his trunk, jog about 3 meters, then slow down again. It made me laugh!!

Then after my hour long elephant ride we had to Clean Chorlie up cause he was all dusty!! So we took Chorlie into the pond and got to scrub him down all clean!!! haha But then Chorlie pooped in the pond and I had to get out!! hahah

Then we went back and fed Chorlie and the other elephants. But they only had green bananas and NO yellow ones, so Chorlie wasnt having it. Apparently Chorlie is a picky eater!! haha But that sok.

All the rest of the people who had rides with the elephants all left but I was allowed to stay and hang out with the elephants some more since I was just by myself and they kept asking questions about me and Canada. I loved talking to them!!

Then I spent the afternoon uptop the central hut in a smaller ceiling hut with a small grass roof on a hammock and took the best Nap of life! 4 hours in the cool tropical breeze! The beautiful smells of the forest just rocking on my hammock! Such an amazingly relaxing afternoon I had!! Pineapple Juice next to me. Yes – Thailand is luxury!

Then on Monday, I decided before I left that I should see a beach since I WAS on an island!! haha So I walked along the beach for about 30 minutes and I was bored. So I grabbed a taxi and went to Treetop Adventures!! It is an aerial park and ziplines!! So I went alone again, So I just went me and the guide instead of with a group which is time consuming!! My guides name was Mokmin he was alot of fun, he took my camera and took a bunch of photos for me!! It was fantastic!! But because I was alone, I got to do both the easy and the difficutl course instead of just one of the courses!!

Then I took the fairy home and a bus. And I am returned to Bangkok!!

Overall, it was by far one of my BEST weekends in Thailand so far!!! I had so much fun and met so many new people!!

Videos: Monkey Island, Thailand

MONKEYS MONKEYS MONKEYS!!!!!!! We got to feed the Monkeys bananas! They are cute but also very creepy! they guy told us they would not bute or anything, they just wanted the food, and that they were afraid of us – but him hitting them with that life jacket doesnt seem like they are all that friendly!! haha. Also – the big monkeys would try to drown the little monkeys when they came out to get the bananas! It was terrifying!! the poor little things squeeled so loud! haha but monkeys – neat but creepy!!

This is us going back to our hut after our muddy fun!! πŸ™‚ Pretty sunset over the muddyness! haha

Monkey Island!

So We decided we did not want to stay in Bangkok for the weekend. So 6 of us left town on a 10 Baht (33 cent) Train ride, 5 Baht Ferry, and another 10 Baht Train ride until we arrived at Klong Khone. A little place in the middle of nowhere that has a Monkey Island! Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys!!!

This is the pretty railway station that we had to wait around at for a few hours until the next train arrived to take us to Klong Khone. While we waited – we ate Mangos! Yum!

So this is the craziest thing! Our train had JUST arrived – like 2 minutes before, and we passed through on these tracks…but the tracks have a market on them! Yes I know they do! The market was pulled back the tarps and everything for the train to pass through and then immediately afterwards the market is put back over the tracks!!! It was a really nice market as well!! But how crazy – who thought to build a market on train tracks???

There are full length bambo shoots!! They are HUGE!!! the men were taking them off the truck, I suppose they were going to build another hut hut to live in!

This is a photo of the place we stayed in Klong Khone from the river. That hut hut with the grass roof – we sang karaoke there for the evening. haha. We slept on an balcony like that on the opposite side. There was a highschool group of students at this resort for a weekend fieldtrip! And they were singing – so we did a little competition ourselves!! πŸ˜€

This is where we slept!! We had the option of sleeping inside little huts on stilts, but this was cheaper and also alot more experience! haha. So for 150 Baht ($5) each for the night – we got to sleep outside on mats on bamboo over water πŸ™‚ It was a good experience but certainly not my best sleep Ive ever gotten!! haha

Then we rented a boat for 400 Baht ($13.3) total to take us out to see the monkeys on the island and to take us to play in the Mud!!!! hahah Here we are with the pretty sunset! Geoff, my eye, Emily, Paige, Julie, and Kelly!

Down and Dirty! hahah This whole area is just mud/clay everywhere. People scoot around on these long boards searching for shells to collect and sell in markets. We attempted the board but liked just playing in the Mud Better! hahah it was one giant fun mess!! At one point 4 of them decided to stand on the long board and faceplant into the mud. Geoff was the only one who went full face into the mud. BAHAH
So this is another boat that came up to us and offered to date us boarding. It was just a large wooden board that you stand on and the baot pulls you around. It is considerably easy to stand on!!
But the bad part is that mud shoots up into your face the entire time!! hahah But it was great none the less. That is why I look not smiley in this photo!!