Day 1: Santiago de Chile

Day 1 SAA (South American Adventure): December 7/8, 2011

Saying goodbyes is never enjoyable – but I just never feel anything IS a goodbye. I think “I´ll see you again someday”. And I truly feel I will. I do not miss people and distance does not faze me – I know someday, somewhere, we´ll meet again. And with modern technology – I can keep in contact with everybody in teh mean time.

Leaving Santiago on my way to San Pedro de Atacama (Desert in the North of Chile)

Tur-Bus – 40.800 CLP – $82 CAD – 24 HRS

Take the underground subway in Santiago to Universidad de Santiago station, and right above in the central Santiago Bus terminal with the major bus companies such as Tur-Bus, Pullman, and the rest.